Our story

Founded in 2020 to provide a premium level sports and youth development service in Korea. The successful establishment of our Football Academy earlier this year has given us the platform to expand into multisports in 2022 and beyond.

With a combined total of over 30 years experience teaching and coaching in Korea, Seoul Sports have built a dynamic team with the ambition of providing a service that is internationally recognised across Asia.

Our Core Coaching Team

Coach Martin

Leading coaching programmes here in Korea for the last 6 years. Coach Martin’s curriculum development and former EFL teaching experience combined to create stimulating and rewarding sessions for players.

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Coach Neil

Inquiry based coach, working in Seoul for 10 years and has worked in a variety of roles from youth to adult - male & female. Focus on promoting key skills that benefit players on and off the field.

Coach Ben

Discovery style coach and has worked in a variety of coaching settings. Coach Ben originally comes from a Physiotherapy and youth development background. Coach Ben uses this knowledge base in all of his sessions.

Coach Louis

With 5 years experience as an assistant coach on Coach Martin’s staff, Coach Louis now develops and leads his own dynamic sessions. Coach Louis comes from a highly successful playing background, having played D1 College Soccer for Michigan State University

Coach Kevin

Has been coaching and teaching in Korea for over 4 years. His background in sports performance and youth development backbones his passion for the holistic development of athletes and enhancing the culture of the teams on and off the field.

All our coaches have obtained their safeguarding and football qualifications through the FA (England) and the Motor Skills Learning Academy (Switzerland).