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With a combined total of over 30 years experience teaching and coaching in various parts of Europe and Asia, Seoul Sports academy provides a unique experience for it’s players. 

Program Outlines

We offer a range of sports to suit and accommodate all age groups, with a specialization in football. Our Jump & Move program is aimed at young learners, EYFS+DUCKS, which then leads into our team-specific activities such as football. Through our platform of different programs, we seek to provide player pathways for student-athlete development.




Programs anchor

Our coaching sessions are built on 3 core modules

0 - 20 | SAQs (Speed, Agility, Quickness) 

Level specific warm up and fitness drills, improving speed, agility and coordination. Building the blocks of a solid core of stamina.


20 - 40 | Technical

rills and tactical passages of play that help develop both the individual player and the team dynamic.


40 - 60 | Small Sided Games

Utilising and focusing on the technical issues in the previous part of the session, with in-game coaching.

Dynamic Coaching Team

Our passionate coaching team have extensive experience teaching in and managing ESL facilities at various levels and age groups over the last 14 years. We have also designed and facilitated youth development sports programs in places like Ireland, the UK, Zambia, India and multiple locations across Asia


The Coaching Manual

First-class learning environment

Bespoke packages designed by professional team coaches with detailed breakdowns that offer development at the right speed for age appropriate groups.

Timely progressions
Progressions within sessions and from week to week provide clear pathways for development, covering all aspects of ball mastery, combination play and defensive principles.

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