About our Academy

With a combined total of over 30 years experience teaching and coaching in various parts of Europe and Asia, Seoul Sports academy provides a unique experience for it’s players. 

Backed with professional resources, our passionate coaching team supports an exciting development pathway to equip players with the necessary tools for growth.

Teamwork, Respect & Energy

The foundation for all that we do is TRE (Teamwork Respect Energy). From business development, event organisation, session planning, in-session drills and content delivery, our TRE core values pulse through everything we do.

We believe that any team or individual should practice these skills in order to give themselves a better chance for growth and success. These values are by no means exclusive, they act as a framework for our key performance indicators and aid our analysis processes (both internally and externally). With regular positive reinforcement of these simple (yet key) life skills, our players have the potential to be their best selves and hence transfer the learnings into all aspects of their lives. As a result, making them better teammates, students, friends and family members.







We tailor our offerings to align with teams and school ECA’s and schedules. We also run our own range of programs:

First Class content partner:

Our programs are designed by professional team coaches with detailed breakdowns that offer development at the right speed for age appropriate groups.  


High quality multimedia sessions  provide video content  for coaches, session breakdowns and animated visuals for players to view for quick analysis and understanding (on the field and at home).


Progressions within sessions and from week to week provide clear pathways for development, covering all aspects of ball mastery, combination play and defensive principles.

All Academy players get exclusive access to our cross-platform apps that allow for session preparation, session analysis and tailored homework tasks in between sessions

Session Breakdown

Our sessions consist of 3 core modules. We foster an inquiry based approach, supporting positive behaviour and creating  fun creative environments for player development.

SAQs - level specific warm up and fitness drills, improving speed, agility and coordination. Building the blocks of a solid core of stamina.


Technical - Drills and tactical passages of play that help develop both the individual player and the team dynamic.


Small Sided Games - Utilising and focusing on the technical issues in the previous part of the session, with in-game coaching.

Dynamic Coaching Team

Our passionate coaching team have extensive experience teaching in and managing ESL facilities at various levels and age groups over the last 14 years. We have also designed and facilitated youth development sports programs in places like Ireland, the UK, Zambia, India and multiple locations across Asia.

Movement efficiency, injury risk assessment and corrective supports are also available through our certified movement analysis coach. Additionally, professional experience working in elite environments gives our team an ability to  focus on the assessment, design and implementation of performance processes, we’ve learned to develop cultures of excellence and the team building skills required for growth and success.

Seoul City Warriors

We provide a development pathway for players through games and tournaments



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