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Football Education



​Our football program provides all levels and age groups with high quality training that includes games for a genuine football experience.

Our experienced coaches provide personalized football training with an emphasis on fun and safety. We are dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential and develop their skills in football. Our program provides a supportive and encouraging environment for children to learn and grow through football training, with the goal of achieving success in the sport.

3 Core Modules

To improve the skills of young players, we work with fixed recurring themes:

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Our Active Locations

Speed, Agility, Quickness

Warm up and fitness drills, improving speed, agility and coordination. Building the blocks of a solid core of stamina.


Drills and tactical passages of play that help develop both the individual player and the team dynamic.

Small Sided Games

Utilizing and focusing on the technical issues in the previous part of the session, with in-game coaching.

Our certified coaches bring qualifications from the English FA, Universitat de Barcelona, and UEFA B, showcasing their combined expertise in coaching and safeguarding.

Guided by Gray Institute-certified expertise, we prioritize injury prevention and player well-being with dedicated support.


Our experienced coaching team focuses on individual progress and practical application in competitive matches, while ensuring that our students fully comprehend how and why each drill will enhance their skills for game day.

Sunday School League

The perfect chance to practice the skills learned in our training in live, competitive football games against other school teams.

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