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A principled framework for students at our academy


1. Respect for Others
  • Treat teammates, coaches, and opponents with kindness and consideration.

  • Avoid any form of bullying, teasing, or disrespectful language.

2. Sportsmanship
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship at all times, win or lose.

  • Shake hands with opponents and thank coaches after each session.

3. Listen and Follow Instructions
  • Pay attention to coaches' instructions during drills and games.

  • Follow safety guidelines and rules outlined by coaches.

4. Inclusivity
  • Include all teammates in activities and games.

  • Avoid exclusive behavior or forming cliques.

5. Effort and Participation
  • Give 100% effort in all activities.

  • Participate actively and encourage others.

6. Respect for Equipment and Facilities
  • Take care of football equipment and facilities.

  • Report any damage or issues to coaches.

7. Punctuality
  • Arrive on time for each session.

  • Notify coaches in advance if unable to attend.

8. Attendance
  • Attend scheduled sessions regularly.

  • Notify coaches in advance if unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

9. Teamwork
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with teammates.

  • Celebrate both individual and team successes.

10. Positive Attitude
  • Maintain an optimistic attitude.

  • Encourage teammates and focus on improvement.

Repeated offences or severe violations may result in a more extended suspension from football activities.

By participating, both parents and players acknowledge and agree to adhere to this Code of Conduct. This ensures a positive and inclusive learning environment for everyone involved.

Consequences for Violations
  1. Verbal Warning: For minor infractions, players will receive a verbal warning and guidance on improving behavior.

  2. Time-Out from Play: Persistent misbehavior or something deemed as an extreme breach of the code of conduct may result in a temporary suspension from participating in football activities for one week.

  3. Parental Involvement: In severe cases, coaches may involve parents to address behavior concerns and collaborate on a resolution plan.

  4. Player-Coach Conference: Coaches may arrange a meeting with the player to discuss and understand the reasons behind their behavior

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