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“Seoul Sports soccer program has been a gift to our girls and to our family. From day one, the coaches took an interest in developing the individual skills of each of the players while making sure that the love of the game was not lost. We have watched our girls drastically improve through the soccer summer camp through to the fall league play. Each of our girls have developed beautiful foot work and ball control along with the confidence and perseverance that we believe are the crucial elements of sports. The positivity and guidance from the coaches are immeasurable. As a family we enjoy cheering each other on, and what a perfect venue to do so! We are grateful to have been lucky enough to find Seoul Sports and to be able to give that gift to our girls.”

~ The Mathew Family

"Carter insisted on wearing his jersey the entire day. Thanks guys for making this all happen! These kids are having a blast."

~ Sara

“Our boys have absolutely loved Seoul Sports Academy and they have learned so much from Coach Martin and the other amazing coaches. They are absolutely brilliant and we love their positive teaching style and football knowledge. The kids have so much fun with their friends while also learning important football and teamwork skills. Thank you Seoul Sports Academy!”

~ Amy + (Tom & James)

축구에 푹 빠져있던 아들들은 물론이고, 축구를 몰랐던 딸까지 재미있게 다니고 있습니다. 친구들과 소통하고 협력하도록 하는 훈련이 다른 축구 아카데미 보다 많은데, 팀 스포츠로서 축구를 배울 수 있어서 아주 만족스럽습니다. 코치들도 인상적입니다. 작은 행동에도 끊임없이 칭찬과 격려를 합니다. 덕분에 여기서 축구를 하고나서 저희 막내가 자신감을 많이 얻었습니다. 여러 나라에서 온 친구들과 함께 어울릴 수 있다는 점도 아이들에게 좋은 경험이 되고 있습니다.

~ Han, Yul, Kate